Babies and Toddlers

Our baby clothes are 100% cotton and super soft to touch.  You'll find a wide range of Scarf Monkey designs for little ones in this collection, but you can also order baby wear featuring any of our designs using the 'Choose Any Design' option at the end of each collection.

Everyone gets excited about new arrivals and finding the right gift is all part of the fun. Whether you're looking for feminist baby clothes, or something with a hint of girl power, we've got just the thing. We have quotes from famous feminists, superhero girls, mighty tigers. Have you noticed that boys' baby clothes encourage them to be wild and adventurous, while girls' baby clothes encourage them to be soft and gentle? We'd like to change that, we think you should have a choice! So if you want to give your little one messages to be mild and beautiful, that's great, we support you. If you want to give her messages to be full of zing and zoom, look no further: at Scarf Monkey we have just the thing.

Alternatively, if you simply want a gift with an unusual design for a girl, we have meerkats, bats and bugs to name but a few! AND, if you can't find what you're looking for in our Babies and Toddlers collection, you can always have ANY design from ANY of our other collections on your romper or baby hoodie, just select the 'Choose Any Design' option and follow the guide.

We think we've just the thing for tiny feminists everywhere, or just the ticket for a girl power mum and her impending special delivery!
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