Scarf Monkey


At Scarf Monkey, we think kittens and princesses are great!  But we also think girls should be able to wear other things too:  Instead of kittens, why not tigers?  Instead of unicorns, why not dragons?  Instead of glittery stars and love hearts, why not spaceships and astronauts?  For us it’s all about choice, more choice for more girls.

We don't want to put girls in t-shirts made for boys, which is why we don’t have any boxy unisex t-shirts.  All our t-shirts are girl-shaped, which means they have shorter sleeves and are more fitted. 

We think girls should be bold and ambitious without limits, so our designs are bold and ambitious.  We think girls should have every choice in the world, so we have lots of bright colours to choose from, not just pink, but blues, greens, reds and yellows.

Whether you have an aspiring entomologist [study of bugs], paleontologist [study of dinosaurs], astronaut or environmentalist, we have inspirational designs for aspirational girls of every kind.