The Environment



  • We use only a single layer of packaging when we post our t-shirts to you.  It's not quite as pretty without the transparent polythene bag most t-shirt producers use, but we know you understand and appreciate the environment is more important than a pretty bag.


  • We use silicone sheets as part of the printing process.  These also work as tracing paper, so we store all our old silicone paper and donate it to the local Primary School for the children to use in their lessons.


  • Our mailing bags are both biodegradable and recyclable.  This makes them a lot more expensive, but for us it was an easy decision, as we don't want to add to the huge numbers of plastic bags in the earth and the oceans.
  • Our ink cartridges come in recyclable plastic housing.  Every single one of them makes it safely into our recycling bin.

We do what we can, but perhaps you can see somewhere else we can do better for our planet?  If you have any ideas on how we can reduce our effect on the environment, please write to us: