Animal Magic

In our Animal Magic collection you'll find all our t-shirt designs from the animal kingdom.  There's something for girls of all ages, from tigers to tree-frogs, monkeys to meerkats, and bats to bears. 

Children today are more interested than ever in wildlife conservation, in the effects of climate change on endangered species and the world's natural resources. They want to read about the incredible challenges animals face to survive and the work that needs doing to protect threatened species, from wildlife trade, to protect wildlife in protected areas and how local communities, people and partners can learn about their local habitat and local conservation work to stop our native species from being the next species extinction.

You might think 'but it's just a t shirt', which is true, but a favourite t shirt can inspire a lifetime of love. A dinosaur t shirt can create a passion and a future palaeontologist, an African elephant t shirt can reflect a love for wildlife and inspire a young conservationist. We have big plans, we want to help your daughter love the world she lives in and want to protect it. Perhaps she'll grow up to save the world.
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